Tritons heading for the top tier: UOG alumni begin doctorates and post-docs

Tritons heading for the top tier: UOG alumni begin doctorates and post-docs

Tritons heading for the top tier: UOG alumni begin doctorates and post-docs


This semester marked the start of the highest level of education in their fields ror体育app下载的几位校友. 

In their pursuit to advance the global body of knowledge through research and teaching in their subject areas, UOG alumni are beginning doctoral as well as post-doctoral programs around the globe this semester — from New York to New Zealand. 

“We’re always excited to see the paths that our Tritons embark upon and are especially proud of their acceptance into such distinguished schools and programs,” UOG President 托马斯·W. Krise说. “Tritons want to make a difference in the world, and we’re proud th在UOG has provided the foundation and the direction for so many to pursue a career 在研究和教学方面.” 

Following completion of their degree programs, which range from two to six years, many have plans to return home to Guam to serve the community and produce research 在他们的学科领域内. 

Among UOG alumni beginning doctoral programs are:


UOG学位: ‘19 B.S. 健康科学-运动科学 & 健康促进
目前计划: 物理治疗博士 
学校: 圣安东尼奥大学. 奥古斯丁健康科学(佛罗里达州).)
预计完成: 2024年4月

克里斯托弗底线 is pursuing his doctorate in physical therapy at the University 圣. 奥古斯丁健康科学. Having been part of the UOG ROTC program, he has also been selected, among a small number of other ROTC graduates across the nation, for the Army Medical Department Internship Program, where he will work under the direct 监督陆军供应者. He hopes to eventually complete a neurologic physical therapy residency program and then return to Guam to work as a neurologic physical 医生专家.

爱德华多B照片. Biala小.
爱德华多B. Biala小.
爱德华多B. Biala小.

UOG学位: ‘17 B.S. 在生物学中
目前计划: 医学博士
学校: 夏威夷大学Mānoa分校John A. 伯恩斯医学院
预计完成: 2025年5月

Following his completion of the year-long ‘Imi Ho‘ōla Program post-baccalaureate program earlier this year, a rigorous “medical school boot camp” at the John A. 伯恩斯学校 of Medicine at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa, 爱德华多Biala is now pursuing his 同一所学校的医学博士. He was one of five students selected this year 四年制 女王卫生系统' Imi Ho ' la 奖学金. Upon completion of medical school, he hopes to pursue a residency program in internal medicine and, given the lack of certain specialists 在关岛, he hopes to also complete a fellowship in gastroenterology to eventually serve the people of 关岛和夏威夷.

Jezreelyn Bulaklak照片
Jezreelyn Bulaklak
Jezreelyn Bulaklak

UOG学位: ‘21 B.S. 在化学
目前计划: 医学博士
学校: F. 爱德华Hébert医学院 在军警大学 (Md.)
预计完成: 2025年5月
Jezreelyn Bulaklak has begun medical school at the F. 爱德华Hébert医学院 在军警大学. She is the first in her family to go into the field and was influenced to do so through the military by her brother, an ROTC cadet 在UOG. At UOG, she was involved in the NSF INCLUDES SEAS Islands Alliance program 和健康机会 & Medical Exposure (HOME) Program, through which she 有一年夏天当过外科医生. After completing her education and service commitment with the Air Force, she plans to return home to the Marianas to serve in the health 保健部门.


UOG学位: ‘19 B.S. 在生物学,' 19 B.S. 在化学,' 19 B.S. 在数学方面
目前计划: Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering
学校: 宾夕法尼亚大学 
预计完成: 2025年5月- 2027

After graduating from UOG with three bachelor’s degrees in order to mirror an undergraduate bioengineering program of other universities, 约瑟夫Casila is now pursuing a doctorate in bioengineering at the 宾夕法尼亚大学, an Ivy League university, on 全额奖学金. He will focus his degree on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine with the goal of coming back to Guam to give back and teach 指导学生. He also hopes to lead his own research team 在关岛.



UOG学位: ‘20 M.S. 在生物学中
目前计划: Ph.D.
学校: Griffith University (Australia) in collaboration with the Australian Institute of 海洋科学

玛丽Deinhart expects to begin a doctorate program early next year through Griffith University in collaboration with the Australian Institute of 海洋科学. 下 the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program at AIMS, she will be researching the metabolic pathways of crustose calcifying red algae (CCRA) species that induce coral larval settlement or are avoided by larvae for settlement under various light and nutrient 水平. In the future, Deinhart hopes to continue researching the roles of CCRA in marine environments by unraveling their unique chemical fingerprints and microbiomes.

Tamarie Fegurgur
Tamarie Fegurgur
Tamarie C. Fegurgur 

UOG学位: ‘14 BAE in Elementary 教育; ‘16 M.Ed. 在阅读
目前计划: Ed.D. 在课程 & 指令
学校: 卡佩拉大学(明尼苏达州.)


UOG学位: ‘12 B.A. 心理学,' 17年M.S. 临床心理学
目前计划: Doctor of Philosophy 临床心理学
学校: 塞布鲁克大学.)
预计完成: 2027年春季

琼Macalinao began a five- to six-year doctoral program in clinical psychology this semester at Saybrook University, an endeavor she credits to Dr. Iain Twaddle和 Master of Science 临床心理学 program 在UOG. 她渴望成为有执照的人 clinical psychologist serving the Guam community in practice or as a professor.


特雷福J. Orot 

UOG学位: ‘21 B.S. 化学,辅修生物
目前计划: 药剂学博士
学校: University of California, San Francisco
预计完成: 2024年夏天 

特雷福Orot began his pursuit toward a doctorate in pharmacy in July at the University 加州,旧金山,排名第一. 2 ranked pharmacy school in the nation by U.S. 《ror体育app下载》. After his program, he plans to further his education by attending a residency program and becoming a clinical pharmacist. 然后他希望回到 Guam to contribute to the narrowing gap in health care, find solutions in health disparities, and serve the community that has provided him with so many opportunities for growth.


UOG学位: ‘19 B.S. in Tropical Agriculture, Minor 在化学
目前计划: Ph.D. 在解剖学
学校: 奥塔哥大学(新西兰)
预计完成: 2024

特里斯坦Paulino began his doctorate in anatomy this summer at the University of Otago. 下 a full fellowship funded by a research grant from the Royal Society of New Zealand Te Apārangi, he will be researching the genetic pre-disposition of Micronesians to gout, a condition that hasn’t been researched 在关岛 for more than 50 years, and 其他代谢状况. Upon completing the program, he hopes to continue his work on gout and other metabolic diseases on Guam as a professor at the University 关岛.


UOG学位: ‘17 B.S. 在生物学中
目前计划: 医学博士
学校: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (Mich.)
预计完成: 2025年春季

Aubriana佩雷斯 is pursuing a 医学博士 on an institutional merit award at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. 她最近完成了 Master of Public Health during the global pandemic, specializing in epidemiology, 埃默里大学(Emory University.). She hopes to have a career in academic medicine while continuing her research on racial/ethnic disparities in chronic disease and eventually plans 返回关岛.



UOG学位: ‘20 M.S. 在生物学中
目前计划: Ph.D. 整合生物学
学校: 德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校
预计完成: 8月2026/2027

卡里姆Primov is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in integrative biology at The University 德克萨斯奥斯汀分校. He will be working under the advisement of Professors Mikhail Matz and Mark Kirkpatrick on a dissertation related to coral genomics and their adaptation 气候变化. Primov plans to eventually pursue a post-doctoral program and work as a research scientist in the private or public sector or for a nonprofit organization.

Maia Raymundo的照片
玛雅L. Raymundo
玛雅L. Raymundo

UOG学位:'09 B.A. 在生物学,' 14 M.S. 在生物学中
目前计划: David H. Smith Conservation 研究 Postdoctoral Fellowship
学校: 普林斯顿大学(N.J.)
预计完成: 2023年10月

Having recently earned her doctorate in ecology from The University of Queensland (Australia), Maia Raymundo has begun a postdoctoral fellowship through Princeton University in partnership with the USDA Forest Service and the Guam Department of Agriculture. The work for her project, “Loss of a key frugivore disperser: Assessing effects on ecosystem structure and identifying priority areas for restoration” will be based 在关岛. As a UOG student, she gained valuable lab and field research experience through the National Institutes of Health RISE program. 她渴望继续参与其中 in the restoration 关岛's ecosystems moving forward and hopes to help create space for more voices from Asia and the Pacific to be heard in matters of conservation.


UOG学位: ‘21 B.S. 在数学方面
目前计划: Ph.D. 在数学方面
学校: 加州大学河滨分校

威廉Sablan has begun his doctorate in mathematics at University of California, Riverside, which he chose for its supportive and friendly graduate student community. He was awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate 研究 Fellowship, a five-year fellowship that includes an annual stipend. In addition, Sablan was also awarded the Eugene Cota Robles Award that includes a stipend.

Chellette San Nicolas的照片
Chellette San Nicolas
Chellette San Nicolas 

UOG学位: ‘21 M.Ed. 中学教育
目前计划: Ed.D.
学校: 冈萨加大学(华盛顿州.)

Chellette San Nicolas is back with her undergraduate alma mater of Gonzaga University in Washington to complete her Doctor of 教育. 她在网上开始了这个项目 七月格式.


UOG度: ‘19 B.S. in Criminal Justice, ’21 Master of 公共管理
目前计划: Ph.D. 公共行政
学校: 利伯缇大学.)
预计完成: 2026年秋季

艾略特Untalan has begun his doctorate in public administration this fall. 作为军队 veteran, Untalan chose Liberty University, which is a military-friendly school. Untalan will complete the program online while continuing to work as a firefighter with Andersen 火 & 紧急服务. He hopes to advance his leadership abilities and give back 到他的岛屿社区.


UOG学位:' 21 B.S. 化学,' 21 B.S. 在农业 & 生命科学-营养 & 食物
目前专业:博士.D. 营养科学
学校: Rutgers University–New Brunswick (N.J.)

UOG学位:' 20 M.A. 密克罗尼西亚研究
目前专业:博士.D. 政治学
学校: University of Hawai`i at Mānoa

UOG学位:18b.S. 在数学方面
目前专业:博士.D. 系统建模与分析专业
学校: Virginia Commonwealth University

Alymark Portacio 
UOG学位:16b.S. 在数学方面 – Secondary 教育, ‘20 M.Ed. 在二级 教育
目前项目:Ed.D. 在课程 & 指令
学校: American College of 教育 (Ind.)

Vanalyn Quichocho 
UOG学位:' 17 B.A. in English/心理学, Minor in Writing; ‘20 M.S. 在临床 心理学
目前专业:博士.D. 临床心理学 – Rehabilitation 心理学
学校: Illinois Institute of 心理学

伊曼纽尔年代. 桑托斯 
UOG学位:' 21 B.S. 化学-化学-生物
目前专业:博士.D. 有机化学 
学校: Stevens Institute of Technology (N.J.)

宗keon Enoch Shin 
UOG学位:18b.S. 在化学
目前专业:博士.D. 在生物化学
学校: Albert Einstein College of Medicine (N.Y.)